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Our Instructors: Welcome

Marcio Navarro

Head Instructor/Gym Manager

  • Head BJJ, Kickboxing, Fighter Fitness, Capoeira, MMA instructor

  • Professional Kickboxing World Champion

  • BJJ Black Belt, Kickboxing Black Belt

  • Capoeira aluno formado (first level of instructor)

  • More About Marcio


Dan Morgan

BJJ and Judo Instructor

  • BJJ Black Belt

  • Judo Black Belt

  • IBJJF Masters Worlds Bronze Medalist

  • Multi Time IBJJF Open Champion

  • Multi Time American Grappling Federation Champion


Matt Lay

Assistant BJJ Instructor

  • Multi time IBJJF Masters Pan Am and World Champion

  • BJJ Black Belt

  • Former Nationally Ranked College Wrestler


Kendra Lay

Women's BJJ Instructor

  • Multi Time IBJJF Masters Pan Am Champion 

  • Multi Time IBJJF Masters World Champion

  • BJJ Black Belt

Our Instructors: Team

Jen Hubener

Womens BJJ Instructor

  • Navarro Kickboxing Blackbelt

  • Multi time IBJJF Masters Pan Am and Worlds Competitor

  • BJJ Brown Belt

  • Assistant Kickboxing Instructor

  • Assistant Fighter Fitness Instructor

Nathan Website_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Nathan Carroll

Fundamentals of BJJ/Executive Class Instructor

  • BJJ Brown Belt

  • IBJJF American National Champion

  • IBJJF Pan American Silver and Bronze Medalist

  • IBJJF NoGi Pan American bronze medalist

  • Multi Time IBJJF Open Champion

  • Multi Time AGF Pro Challenger Series Champion

  • Assistant FIghter Fitness Instructor

  • Assistant BJJ Instructor


Donavon Grotts

6am BJJ Instructor

  • BJJ Blackbelt

Our Instructors: Team
Greg Website_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Greg Scott

Assistant 6am BJJ Instructor


Charles Ellis

Head Boxing Coach


Eric Martinez

Fighter Fitness Instructor

Our Instructors: Team
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