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Hygiene and Infection policy

Valor Hygiene and Infection Control Policy

  1. Don’t come to the gym when ill. 

  2. Always be clean when you come to the gym. 

  3. Make sure your uniform and equipment are clean. 

  4. Help clean the gym equipment after you use it. 

  5. Use hand sanitizer or wash your hands when you arrive, after using equipment or gloves, after using the bathroom, before and after touching your face, and before you leave. 

  6. Don’t touch your face if you don’t need to. 

  7. Don’t touch your mouthpiece with your hand while training. 

  8. Wash or sanitize your hands after touching your mouth or mouthpiece, prior to returning to training. 

  9. Don’t wear shoes on the mat. 

  10. Clean shoes prior to going on the gym floor if they have been outside or in the bathroom. 

  11. Don’t go in the bathroom barefoot. 

  12. Keep nails trimmed if you are doing a contact class. 

  13. Don’t wear makeup if you are doing a contact class. 

  14. Don’t leave your personal equipment or clothing in the gym. 

  15. Dispose of your own trash. 

  16. Parents please help your children to understand and follow the policy. 

Please avoid coming to the gym if you have any condition that could be contagious, including:

Flu symptoms



Shortness of breath

Body aches




Loss of smell or taste

Known infection 

If you have any symptoms, or someone in your household has had a fever or suspected contagious illness, please avoid the gym until after symptoms have completely resolved for 3 days, and at least 10 days after symptoms began, or until you have been cleared by a physician.

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