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Forever Fit

Forever Fit serves the aging adult of all ability levels. Our program is an unique way to fuse all aspects of fitness with an understanding of the changes we experience with aging. Forever Fit is led by Physical Therapists who have a combined experience of over 20 years treating people with Parkinson's Disease, other neurodegenerative disorders, and the aging adult as a whole.


Using non-contact boxing, each class is structured to focus on stretching, strength training, agility, balance, fine motor skills, cognition, posture, and endurance to improve overall functional mobility.


We are learning everyday there are ways in which aging adults can improve their quality of life through an exercise led support group. With your Prescription to Fight you are on your way to feel and function better.


You will need an assessment and doctor's medical clearance to exercise before you can start training. Contact us to set up a time for you assessment


We look forward to leading you in your fight to remain Forever Fit

Forever Fit: About



Aspen Balthazor

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Rock Steady Boxing Coach, LSVT BIG certified, LSVT Big for LIFE Certified 


Jada Hoch

Certified Physical Therapy Assistant, Certified Rock Steady Boxing Coach


Erin Carpenter

Registered Physical Therapist , Certified Rock Steady Boxing Coach

Forever Fit: Team
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